Skating School

Skating School Learn to Skate program is located at the LA Kings Valley Ice Center. They provide many opportunities for  skaters to learn how to skate. All of the  coaches are committed to sharing the experience of ice-skating with every student. 

Curriculum offered through the Learn to Skate Program is designed for those who want to skate for fun and love the sport or  take it to the next level. The program helps you master new skills with each lesson that build upon past lessons, so your  time on the ice is always fun and rewarding. Once you learn the basics you can advance to higher hockey skating levels.

  • 8 Week Classes or 9 Week Classes (depending on the semester) 
  • 30 Minute Classes 
  • $160/$180 (prices vary based on number of classes) 
  • Most Classes Capped at 15 Skaters 
  • No refunds allowed 
  • All missed classes must be completed before the end of the semester



This level is specifically designed for beginning skaters age 3-6. Maneuvers are broken down into smaller parts so they  can be easily learned and mastered. Games are used for the skaters to succeed and accomplishments elements. 

Tots/Hockey Tots 1-2: For skaters 6 and under 

  • Proper Way to Fall 
  • Proper Way to Get Up 
  • Marching in Standing Position 
  • Marching While Moving 
  • Two-Foot Jump in Place 
  • Forward Swizzle Standing Still 
  • Single Swizzle 
  • Beginning Two-Foot Glide 

Advanced Tots/Hockey: For skaters 6 and under who have mastered Tots 1-2 

  • Push and Glide Stroking 
  • Preparation for Snowplow Stop 
  • Dip 
  • Forward Swizzle 
  • T-Position and Push (Right And Left) 
  • Backward Swizzle 
  • Two-Foot or One-Foot Snowplow Stop 
  • Backward Wiggle


For the player who is all about hockey but needs to learn how to skate before puck handling. Skaters will learn the basic  hockey stance, stride, knee bend, and other necessary fundamentals to be successful. 

  • Stationary Ready Position 
  • Glide in Ready Position 
  • Forward Swizzle 
  • One Foot Glides 
  • One Foot Inside Edge Glide Around Cone 
  • Two Foot Moving Jump 
  • Two Foot Stationary Jump 
  • Forward Squats 
  • Circle Side Pumps 
  • Control Stop 
  • Control Turn 
  • Two Foot Inside/ Outside Edges 


For the skater who wants to continue develop their skating skills, this class can be combined with Hockey 3 

  • Forward Crossovers-Around Circle 
  • Forward Two Knee Touch 
  • Forward Once Knee Touch 
  • Backward Skating- C Cuts 
  • Backward Glide- In Ready Position 
  • Forward to Backward Turn/ Mohawk 
  • Backward to Forward Turn/ Step Out: 
  • Jump over Stick 
  • Backward Crossovers- Around Circle 
  • Backward Stop 
  • Backward Crossovers- Straight Back 
  • Backward Two Foot Jump 
  • Backward Two Knee Jump


Designed to focus on the proper techniques for the game of hockey, teaching future players how to stick handle, shoot  and carry the puck on their sticks. Sticks and pucks are involved in this class. 

Full gear is required. 


For more information the Skating  Office can be reached at 

(818) 893-1784 or