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CAHA Tryout Calendar Update

By CA Heat Board, 10/27/20, 7:30PM PDT


CAHA Board of Directors voted to update the 2020-21 Tier 2 tryout calendar.

This letter shall serve as notice that pursuant to the CAHA Board of Directors Special Meeting held on October 24, 2020, the Directors voted in the following 2020-2021 CAHA tryout calendar updates;

Tier 2 regular season team formation and player contracts (bilaterally binding) shall be permitted effective 11/20/20, and per previously posted league tryout dates. What this means is that players choosing to commit to a Tier 2 team on/after 11/20/20 without an on-ice tryout will be bound to that team subject to the terms/conditions of player contract they enter into, and CAHA/USAH rostering rules and guidelines. Additionally, Tier 2 tournament rosters will not be approved after 11/20/20.