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Spring Programs

Contact - Alec Dunn

For information about playing for the Heat, or available clinics and scrimmages:

1 (310) 261-1473

Memorial Day Tournament Team: The Memorial Day team will have at least 8 hours of practice on Sundays (Maybe a few Saturdays as well, if necessary), which will focus on individual skills as well as team concepts. We will have practice slots that will be 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours. The program will conclude with a local Memorial Day tournament where all the boys will have the ability to play competition from other areas. This will be a great way for us to see what level of competition we will try to compete at next season and to see what players will fit in on our teams.

Clinics: The clinics will be uptempo station training where we will work on individual skills and concepts. This will be a great opportunity to stay in shape, work on individual skills,  and stay sharp during the spring. There will be coaches on the ice offering guidance for the players development.

3 on 3: The 3 on 3 program will be a great chance for the kids to have fun and work on there skills in a competitive manner. The coaches will be there to keep track of scores and give guidance to the players as plays arise. The players and the goalies will have the opportunity to see lots of pucks. There will be a lot of emphasis in 3 on 3 on small area games emphasizing puck handling skills, accurate passing, proper positioning, and battles along the boards.